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More and more investors are turning to alternative investments to improve returns, generate income, diversify traditional investments and achieve their goals. Plutos - tomorrow's alternative platform Plutos can go beyond public markets and traditional investments to find solutions in real estate, infrastructure, private equity, loans, hedge funds and multi-alternatives. We strive to provide superior quality in a true partnership environment. Plutos is well equipped to meet your needs along the way.

Last invested

 -  Em91  -  25 TRX

 -  kinetik  -  47.951 TRX

 -  Kalingu07  -  5 TRX

 -  Kalingu07  -  10 TRX

 -  CRISTIANO73  -  45 TRX

Last withdraws

 -  onurgok28  -  15 TRX

 -  Hanahikaru  -  23.5193 TRX

 -  Pgames  -  0.15 USD

 -  Pgames  -  0.1 USD

 -  Pgames  -  0.1 USD

159.84% / daily

6.66 % / hourly accruals
  • Min Deposit : $1.0000
  • Max Deposit : $5000.0000
  • Principal : Included
  • Payment method : Instant
Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Create your own structure by distributing a referral link and earn up to an additional 5% of each contribution made with no investment

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Plutos (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How can I open an account with Plutos?

This is not difficult. Fill out the registration form.

02. I created a deposit, how quickly will I start making a profit?

You will start making profits immediately after creating a deposit. We accrue profits hourly.

03. What is the minimum / maximum amount allowed for a deposit?

The minimum investment amount is 1$/0,007LTC/1DOGE/1TRX, and the maximum amount is 5000$/100LTC/15000DOGE/20000TRX.

04. What is the minimum / maximum amount allowed for a withdraw?

The minimum withdraw amount is 0.1$/0,007LTC/4DOGE/1TRX, and the maximum amount is 5000$/100LTC/15000DOGE/20000TRX.

05. Pay money instantly?

Yes, the payments are instant.

06. What is your referral commission?

5%-2%-1% of referral deposits.

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